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Монголия Вьетнам Израиль Тунис Молдавия Грузия Армения Айзербайджан ОАЭ Иран Туркменистан Афганистан Таджикистан Кыргызтан Узбекистан Казахстан США Украина

If you are focused on the development of your business and extension of foreign economic relations.

If you want to cooperate with the Ukrainian leader of export of condensed milk and canned milk.

If you are interested in carrying on trade activity with the famous brands and create and promote your own trade marks on the basis of quality product.

If image, experience and guarantees of stability in the export market are important for you.

Tehmolprom LLC is looking to cooperate with us.

We fulfill deliveries of canned milk under own trade marks and on Privat Label terms (development and creation of product under your trade mark) to such countries: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Tadjikistan, Israel, USA, Moldavia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Iran, Tunisia, Vietnam, UAE, China.

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International certificates:

ISO 9001-2009, НАССР, HALAL.

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Department of foreign economic activity:

+38 (099) 730-30-90
+38 (050) 403-01-43
+38 (050) 405-32-84


Representative in Israel:
+97 (254) 310-34-34
Representative in Iran:
+38 (098) 454-13-51
The representative in the United Arab Emirates:
+97 156 932 77 55