Quality control

Today LLC “Tehmolprom” is a modern company with large positive experience of production of condensed milk and canned milk. The company was planed as major budget revenue generating factory of national standing. The factories were built in 80s, in the time of honest national quality. And today we are faithful to famous traditions.

All manufacturing facilities of "Tehmolprom" work in a closed cycle - the company does not purchase raw materials, it produces them itself, which significantly reduces the technology budget and control the quality at every stage - from the initial raw materials to the finished product. This is the optimal position for the industry – due to our own resource base "Tehmolprom" does not depend on the “whims” of the market and unscrupulous suppliers, and provides consumers with the best quality / price ratio and volume / delivery times. If we describe the quality control process in more detail, it is worth to point out that monitoring begins with the tracking of livestock and value indices of raw milk. Sampling of raw materials takes place only after such analyzes. Next, in every facility there is its own permanent laboratory, which makes tests of raw materials and products at all production stages. In addition, each batch of finished product is analyzed by independent government laboratories in Ukraine, Russia and other countries-importers to issue correspondent mandatory findings. This set of measures allows us to effectively control those processes and guarantee the quality of condensed milk and canned milk, according to international standards.