ТМ “Bіlyky”

TM "Bilyky"  is sweetened condensed natural milk. This product is produced from the Soviet times. All Soviet Union knew and loved condensed milk under the brand "Bilyky". Because there are unique ecological conditions, best dairy farms, clean production technologies and the traditional recipes in the Poltava Region. Also our condensed milk is popular due the strict quality control.
TM "Bilyky"  - is an honest condensed milk with natural milk-cream flavor! We have adopted the best heritage and reviving the honest, good traditions of the past. 

Honest milk - easy to recognize!


ТМ "Оmka"

Omka ТМ is a sweet nostalgic feeling of childhood, when the trees were tall, sweet was harmless, and all guys were friends, when the holidays were spent always together, and it was so much fun to roughhouse with friends - knock the icicles, lick the snowballs, and then warm up in the kitchen with grandmother's pancakes and condensed milk.

Omka – our friend from distant childhood, a sweet tooth, a bully and fun fidget. It invites us to plunge into an easy carefree “tasty” feeling of the childhood, treat ourselves with light heart.


Sweetness – let it be gladding!


TM "Alpine meadows"

TM "Alpine meadows" - authentic recipes of condensed milk’s Motherland. Condensed milk was invented in 1810 by Frenchman N. Appert, an indispensable product for mountain hikes - beneficial qualities of milk concentrated in one tin. The original recipe is supposedly distinguished by the fact that they used milk of local cows grazing in alpine meadows. In fact, the secret has been associated with the clover.

And today, our milk is sold in the countries of near and far abroad, and even in the inventor Appert’s Motherland that confirms the uniqueness of our recipes.

TM "Dairy gifts"

TM "Dairy gifts" - bounty of Poltava region! Historic agricultural region has always been noted with its clean environment and famous worldwide for its recipes and secrets. Pedigree cows, bred by local dynasties can boast of milk, with best performance value.

The very nature gives its strength and love. 


OUR MILK! If you want to do something very good - do it yourself!
That is why we are proud of "OUR MILK", because we make it completely ourselves.

Our milk!Easy to know - easy to like!

TM "Smilka"

TM Smilka  – Smile in every spoon!

The Dnieper and Desna, the Carpathians and Steppe for Ukrainians are not mere toponyms denoting objects of nature, but something more: aesthetically perceived area of living, Home (with a capital “h”), and very often poetical images.

Forest steppe, faraway horizons and fertile lands - all these things give rise to dreaminess, sensuality, serenity and at the same time limitless love for freedom! Hence follows the main peculiarity of mentality of Ukrainians – superiority of heart over mind!

TM Smilka    means a traditional Ukrainian optimism put in the traditional product!

ТМ "Tehmolprom"

Tehmolprom is a same name trade mark of the famous Ukrainian dairy. Tehmolprom LLC is a dynamically developing company. The company's products are known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. This is not surprising. Immutable taste and guarantee that the products are made of selected raw materials enhance the value of dairy products by Tehmolprom LLC, and, as a result, the trust of consumers worldwide.

TM "Mileo"
TM "Mileo" - for the new brand "Mileo" association with Europe - is already a fact. We use natural raw materials, quality control, which corresponds to the highest European standards. Condensed milk from the brand "Mileo" meets the needs of both foreign and Ukrainian consumers.
ТМ "Sweet Tooth"

ТМ "Sweet Tooth"

To deny sweet is bad!

Especially for the true sweet tooth!

After all, what could be nicer than a sincere tea party with amazing cakes and cupcakes?! In addition, if you are a sweet tooth, it does not mean that you do not slim! Just everything should be in moderation ... but sweets more!!!